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Author Topic: Gig notes!  (Read 1138 times)


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Gig notes!
« on: September 03, 2012, 08:18:42 AM »

Greetings Tribe!  Thought I'd share some field notes from the gig I played last night.  

   This was a variety show fundraiser for the theater company I'm working with, using the same five-piece band as for oterh shows (2 keys, gtr, bass and me). The music was mostly stuff from other shows we've done, including parodies of theater standards.  We only had one rehearsal and although I made what I would consider some very glaring mistakes in some performances, it was understood that *we only had one rehearsal* and we were praised for our sight-reading rather than criticized for our mistakes.  On the spot we decided to do "bumps" for oncoming acts with materials from other shows.  Some went better than others but the fact that we could do it even haphazardly went over really well with the audience and performers.  

   As with other quick-gigs I've done, I didn't have a lot of time to put into composition so I went with very simple patterns and minimal fills, and when I did transitions it was all stuff I've habitualized over time.  I don't feel bad about either but in future practice routines I'm going to try and expand some of those habits.  

   One interesting thing that happened was a sight-read performance of a 20-minute musical called "Spa Fire: Children of the One Percent"; I've never seen a whole show crammed into a whole other show before.  That was kinda cool.

   Gear-wise the gig went very smoothly.  We used the house PA and all went direct; setup went so quickly that the bass player and I looked at each other when we were done and thought there must be something we forgot.  I brought my EQ pedal in case I wanted to tweak the tone but the bandleader said I sounded fine.  I actually didn't use any of the pedals I brought with me, but it wasn't a huge inconvenience for me to do so.  The venue was nice - we were in the back room which was very spacious; we were kind of crammed into the corner but still had good sight lines to the audience.  The PA was pwoerful enough for our needs without being overbearing; I think wiring the guitar player into the system with the rest of us helped a great deal with that.  

   At one point we were having some trouble with the guitar tone; the 1/8"-1/4" cable I brought was determined to be the culprit; it was changed out for a guitar cable with an adapter.  I highly doubt my cable was actually defective but I might consider keeping that adapter and having the guitarist use his cable from now on just to reduce the amount of gear I loan out.

   I stayed with my trapset-heavy Zendrum program the whole night; I'm still very much enjoying the Patch-changing options I have now from the Zendrum directly instead of using the pedals.  I continue to marvel at why it took me so long to come to this conclusion.  I stayed mostly with my Tama all night - one of the singers did some slow jazz stuff and I really loved playing slow quarter notes on that ride cymbal.  

   My boost pedal saw some use as well, mostly as a mute switch between acts.  I have to remember to look down and make sure it's turned off before the next song though!  I got caught with that at least twice.  

   Breakdown went very smoothly though I think my teardown routine is getting sloppy; practice and thoughtfulness will fix that.  I had one trip out to the car and I was done.  

   Overall, this was an incredibly fun gig.  Everyone was laughing, there were songs that had people stomping, clapping and singing along.  Definitely high on the feel-good rewards.
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