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Can anyone tell me how low a battery can get before a rig goes down?  I use the iPower rechargeable lithium ion batteries that, fully charged, are 8.4V.  I put a fully charged one in my ZX (with internal wireless) and left it on for approximately 70 minutes, after which the battery tested at 8.1V.  I assume that the draw will be more while playing (haven't tested that scenerio yet)?  I haven't been let down yet and I have no problem with swapping a fully charged battery between sets.  Just wonder if anyone knows what the limit is?

I've been using the same off-the-shelf Energizer rechargeable for a couple years now.  I routinely use it for up to 4 hours and it's never died on me yet.
I know that doesn't really answer your question, but just putting it out there as anecdotal evidence that the power draw from both the Z4 and MidiJet boards combined must be pretty low.
I of course do carry a spare, and also have my merge brick ready to go should I need to switch over, but (knock on wood) so far I've never needed them.

Pocket Master:
I am using the 9volt rechargeable from ipowerus.  I saw a posting on here somewhere that someone used their 9 volt fully charged and it lasted for 5 hours or just over that.  I play in multiple bands about 3 to 4 times a week and use just the one battery.  Of course that is for practice.  If I have a gig a put a freshly charged battery in my ZX and know it will go the whole night with no issue.  I listed a website where you can learn more about these batteries:


Pocket Master

I have used the Ipower rechargable 9v on a four hour gig and then the next day for a 2-3 hour practice and not run out of power. I DO turn my Zendrum Z4 OFF during the brreaks and at the end of the gig so it is not on constantly. I always bring a couple extra batteries with me as a spare and also my mergebox so I could play wired if need be. Always plan that something will go haywire and you may never need the extra Items. Thumper


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