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TD-20 LCD Display

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Back up immediately!  Try a factory reset then reload.  How old is the unit?

Inspector 109:
The problem is that he can't see where he is on the menus to do a backup procedure.
Hey 99, how much custom editing did you do on your kits?

Drum wagon- I do not use that, not sure what that is I might have to take a look at that.

Rsanto- my TD-20 is old I suppose, I got in April of the year it was introduced at NAMM. 

David- you are correct that is intact the problem so I can't really see what it is I am doing. My kits are rather edited/tweaked like mad. I really only utilize about 2-3 "drum" kits though, as I don't really use many more drum kit sounds if I have a couple of good kits already. I believe they are on that card that goes into the front of the TD-20 (my goodness it looks gigantic compared to today's media storage!). I don't mind going back to tweak out kits, as they are really for practice purposes anyway (although it's still nice to have the best possible sounding kits you can have)   

I got in touch with a local authorized dealer- 60$ to look at it, more if it takes longer than an hour.  If its just the LCD , it would be 60$ more bucks to put it in plus the cost of the board itself.  It starts adding up I suppose.....

If you want to hobble on and not spend the bucks then you could use VDrumLib to make all your edits and then send the SysEx to your module.  There is a series of keys you'll need to push (same to back up the SysEx) but nothing much and easy to memorize.

Well that is certainly good to know- I appreciate your I for on the V-drum lib.  I'm gonna bite the bullet for now, drop off the unit to alocalauthorized dealer, and see what price they come up with.  In the meantime it's the TD 12 for now....


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