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Well, I am a little sad to report that I set up my electronic drums for the first time in a while, and when I went to turn on the TD-20, the Kit Names on the LCD screen were jumping all over the place, and from about halfway down it was just blank (ie can't read any of the soft key commands...)

Has this happened to any other TD owners? This is the first big problem that I have had with a Roland module ( and I've had or have just about everyone prior to the 20).

From reading other sites it sounds like it might be just be an LCD replacement, which is still in the "couple hundred bucks" range (amazing)...  The Zendrumdrive just might be closer on the horizon...

Inspector 109:
Hey 99,
I had that happen on several older Alesis modules. They're pretty much unusable after that.
LCDs are fragile liquid between two panes of glass. They always break.
That's why I always fought so hard to keep the Zendrum display an "old style" LED.
That, and I can read the Zendrum display from across a stage.
Have you tried anywhere else to quote getting it fixed besides the manufacturer?

If by 'kit names jumping around' you mean that it's cycling through kit numbers then that might be indicative of a bigger problem.  Though replacing the battery may be something to look into.  Also make sure you don't have a foot switch stuck when you turn it on.

One quick thing you can try is adjusting the display contrast.  That may solve the problem of it being half blank.  To adjust it hold down KIT and rotate the value wheel.

HTH, I'm sure you're sweating bullets  :-\

By jumping around, I mean just one patch, say "Mike's V Kit" For example - is on the screen but it is kinda "blipping and shaking " all over the place. I have tried it with no triggers plugged in at all, a couple different outlets, and always the same result. I did try the adjusting the contrast already, and that simply did what it is supposed to do- it changed how bright/dark the screen was, but it was still littering all over the place.

I hooked it up to my zendrum, and it seemed to "play"fine- I just can't really make any modifications or adjustments anymore as I really can't read the screen!

David- I have a call in to a local authorized Roland repair technician- they called me back but I wasn't t available so I will touch base with them tomorrow- I'm hoping they are a decent price, as there aren't too many authorized dealers in my location.  I would hate to see the 20 just go to waste..

I actually dug up some info that this is a bit of a common problem in the earlier runs of the TD-20, not too sure how accurate that is though, but mine would certainly qualify as being from the early production runs.....

Do you use VDrumLib?  http://www.vdrumlib.com/

Might be a way to continue making edits even without being able to read the screen.


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