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Rob I remember a conversation on here about BFD and HH  and John Emrich had said that there was a box in preferences called variable high hat that had to be checked. Maybe EZ drummer has that in preferences also? Just a thought Thumper

Pocket Master:
I had a conversation on the phone with this person, there is no option in EZ or Superior for HH for variable HH, his pedal is working, but it is not registering the the in between of the open and closed position, so it is like it is either closed or all the way open all the way.  It is set to CC4 on the Zendrum, he does not have Zenedit so it may be able to be tweaked using that, but for now, I don't have an answer other than the pedal is not compatible with EZ or SD.  I think he said he had BFD also, if it doesn't work with BFD either it very well could be the pedal itself.


Inspector 109:
Hey Rob,
Thanks for trying EVERYBODY. Ya done good! Many Thank you's PocketMaster for going that extra mile.
It's simply another instance where nothing is made to work together- by design.
Seems like we've all been dealing with compatibility walls forever, and there's really no point to why it has to be this way.
It's a damn shame for DB- the end-user/customer who had to look to us for any help at all.

Inspector 109:
Here's the latest couple of responses from DB and myself- 109

was able to get FD-8 pedal controlling various zones with zendrum and superior drummer. However still cannot generate a closed hit hat sound while fully depressing the pedal. I have tried adjusting the velocity curves in SD2 but nothing seems to work. One thing I notice is the max velocity this pedal outputs is 124.
I am mostly wondering which particular pedal you've tested and had full success with using the zendrum with SD2? I tired a Simmons hh pedal in guitar center and that didnt seem to communicate with my zendrum.

109- try recalibrating the FD-8.
When you set max pedal on C2, don't depress all the way down. Leave a little more room at the bottom.
See if that will ultimately make the velocity output show as 127.
Not sure if that will help with SD2 or not, but it might help with the pedal voltage range.

DB-Tried setting the pedal with a smaller range but still seems to respond the same way midi wise. Can you tell me which hh pedal youve had complete success with using zendrum with SD2 or EZ drummer? I've tried with two different fd8 pedals and i get the same results.


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