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Inspector 109:
Here's one I can't answer cause I don't know-
Any help? Thanks guys! 109
I've inserted parts of an email I received below-

Having trouble getting my Roland FD-8 hi hat pedal to coordinate with the hi hat samples in EZ Drummer. I have followed the calibration sequences in the (zendrum) manual but still seem to be stuck.
At this point Logic is reading the full range of the pedal, but i am not hearing any change to the hi hat samples while triggering.

109's response-
Go to the NO page menu on the Zendrum.
Press + to show [  ] brackets
wiggle the pedal to show it's current cc message value.
Hihat cc should be #4. It's probably on either 3 or 9 now, so change that number to 4 and store the change.

already set it to 4. I notice there is a control change from a closed hi hat sound to an open  when the pedal is being released, around 90 on the 1-127 scale. But does work the opposite way. Also no sounds are made when the pedal is fully depressed or opened.

Pocket Master:
I use Superior Drummer, the same as EZ just on steroids, let me see what I can find out about triggering the open and closed, just so I understand, you are using the CC jack on back of your Zendrum, correct?  I will check and see what I can come up with.  I do not have the Roland FD-8 but I should be able to get the same result with what I have.  Be back in a day or two.....


Inspector 109:
from db- that's correct. thanks rob.

109,  I used to use EZDrummer with an FD8.  Someone on the vdrum forum posted that you need to use one of the midi keys further down to the left of the keyboard (outside of the standard midi GM drum protocol).  Somewhere down there is a note number that allows the use of CC to trigger the different articulations.
Caveat!  It was a long time ago I used EZD - and I am a bit bonkers, so the above may have been a dream (though somewhere in the grey matter it is lodged, and a search on vdrums.com may reveal the source).  Hope it works but if it doesn't I will do a search for it myself.

try this  for pointers:

Pocket Master:
Try using note number 44 for your HH MIDI note number, that is for the HH pedal in EZDrummer.  See if that works for you.



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