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Trapkat 5Ks with Kurzweil sounds on board


Anybody try one of these yet?

Saw the ad recently and made a mental note to follow up and look for more info.  Then unceremoniously forgot! 
Thanks for reminding me  :D

Try searching for a module called a Gigkat from Alternate Mode it looks interesting! Thumper

Dr Evil:
I received my Trapkat 5Ks three weeks ago.

I purchased this controller because I wanted a midi kit that was compact and easy to move around. I have played with electronic drums and triggers for many years, my first being the Roland DDR-30 with MKS-70 and MKS-80 pads. I have made my own controllers and pads over the years, even a drumitar like Future Man's.

The bottom line............. I have always wanted a Zendrum & a Trapkat.

I have only managed to spend a few hours with it, mostly programing kits in Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer and BFD2. I like how that pads feel and play and I really like the size of the unit.

I have to say that it is this drummers opinion that the onboard Kurzweil drum kit sounds are sub-standard. It is my belief my old Alesis D4 and DM-Pro sounds are better. It is also my opinion that the onboard drum kit sounds cannot touch Superior, EZ Drummer or BFD2 kit sounds. The onboard sounds will do in a pinch, this will enable me to leave behind my rack modules as back-ups and lighten my load. My current onboard favourite is the Birch Kit. There is potential with some of the onboard percussion sounds, I haven't really had a chance to go there yet.

I will spend more time with it over the coming months and will try to post my progress.

I have been putting the 5K through its paces for a few weeks and will include a full, detailed review in the November issue of digitalDrummer, still free and online at www.digitaldrummermag.com.


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