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Author Topic: Native Instruments Kontakt 4  (Read 4300 times)


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Native Instruments Kontakt 4
« on: March 16, 2012, 08:00:57 AM »


Are there any Zendrum players who have had much experience using the controller with Kontakt "as the instrument" - and not just as a tweak station?  I also use a full version of Battery 3 - which is great - but my Kontakt is only the demo / player version, and times-out after 30 min.  I have recently discovered a wealth of incredible Kontakt instruments (.nki) that I want so badly to play with my ZX ... I have purchased a few of these somewhat pricey packages, even though the disclaimer stated that these instruments would time-out in the free version of Kontakt after a half-hour.  However: I purchased knowing fully well that I could import any of the .WAV samples into Battery and play them that way.  That works okay - but is super tedious work.  After messing around with the instruments for a very limited time in the Kontakt player - I really love the way the sounds are already mapped out for us.  And very nice arrangements of some VERY exciting percussive sounds!!  See here - check it out:


Goodness, just check out some of the new instruments on the Soundiron page!!

I currently own (8dio) "The Ranch" and "Boroscillate Bells" - absolutely incredible, percussive monsters (and very well-priced!)  I also have a buch or freebies from the companies that dont require an activation code - which I would be willing to share with you as a tantalizing measure!

Anyway, back on topic:  Do I shell out $499 for Kontakt Full Version so that I can compose and perform with these sounds and no time restriction?  Is anyone using the full Kontakt, and do you find it to be Zendrum-friendly??

Thanks so much,


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Re: Native Instruments Kontakt 4
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2012, 11:47:32 PM »

HI Chris,
I realise it's been a while and you've probably already bought Kontakt, but there are some decent upgrade/cross deals at the moment.
And yes, I have successfully used Kontakt with a Zendrum.
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