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Singin' Lead and Zenning????

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I am looking for some help with fingering patterns and/or Zenning methods that have worked for others who have had to front the band as a singer and use the Zen as the only drums for the group??  I seem to be working up a sweat and get a real "wrist ache" with my current "three button -- bass/hat/snare" scenario!

Any suggestions would really help!


Zebrawood ZX

"I'm just a zenner set free by the grace of God"

I often sing and Zen at the same time.  I usually use 3 pad hat/snare/bass as well as some Latin and such going on.

I'm not sure you're going to find a pattern other than control and practice that will make you more comfortable.

Right now it feels like I'm sacrificing a little quality on both sides when I lead and play Zen (as opposed to when I used to play the Trapkat).  The "upfront" capability really makes it worth the sacrifice but I now find myself changing the vocal phrasing (which throws a small wrench at the backups) and/or slightly changing the rhythm (which throws a small wrench at the band -- the bass player seems especially annoyed at times).

I guess I was looking for a magic bullet but it probably is as you say -- a matter of adjustment!

Thanks for the reply,


Greetings all,  I actually use the right hand for hi hat stuff, though I do have one of the lower side triggers able to do hi hat stuff. Usually on the side, from top to bottom... kick, snare, rim click, hi tom, hi-hat. the larger trigger in the top I can use three fingers on it, and get some good sounds that way, hitting the lower hat trigger on the side, if I need to accent some stuff. I still have a lot to learn about this little wonder. Take care and stay safe, Mark

I sing and play all the time. When I want to keep it basic I play snare and kick with my left and hi-hat and double the snare with my right. For the most part I can do whatever I want to, but when I started playing the Zendrum out in the world in March, it seemed just as difficult as it was when I began singing while I played the trap set (so very long ago). My point is, keep it simple and it just comes to you.


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