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What do you call yourself?

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I'm currently playing a pit orchestra gig with my Zendrum.  Before the show opened, I was asked how I wanted to be credited in the program: drums, Zendrum, percussion?  Something else?

I settled on Percussion, though I think next time I'll choose Zendrum, because that's what I'm playing. 

It got me wondering though what others choose to title themselves as on a Zendrum gig?  Do you call yourselves Zendrummers or drummers or something else entirely? 

This is a topic I've pondered off and on over the last few years.  I really don't play traps anymore if I can help it, and with my discovery of the cajon two years ago, I can help it more than ever.  Personally I think I still consider myself a Drummer because I think in terms of drumsets, kick/snare patterns, etc.  I'm curious to know what others think.


If you represented the entirety of the percussion section, then you WERE the percussion section and would be correctly billed as 'percussionist'.
If you shared tasks with another percussionist (and they choose to address you individually) then it would be customary to call you out by your primary instrument (Snare, Concert Bass, Tympani, Triangle, Mallets, ...).

Of the course the Zendrum is a different beast, but I think you were right to claim 'Percussionist'.  There are always some wankers that would have thought 'Zendrum' to be less dignified, and of course that think of a 'drummer' as an uncouth, inferior, sub-species of 'Percussionist'.
Always take the snooty high-road, I says.

Inspector 109:
Well, when performing in Snootyville with my band Terry Lee & the G.T.'s I call myself "Wentwood Jackson Jr."-
When anybody asks why I play Zendrum instead of drums I say- because I'll smell so much better on the ride home.

Pocket Master:
I have many names...The greatness, the pocket master, the guy that plays that weird thing that sounds like drums, but mainly I am called "the drummer" by 90% of the bands I sit in with.  If I play congas with my kit sounds then I would say drums/percussionist.  I guess it would be dependent on the situations you are playing for.


john emrich:
As someone who has played in a lot of professional settings, I have a different spin on this....

Drummers drive
Percussionists follow

This is speaking from the perspective what we do.  I am a drummer.

BTW, this is not intended to stir it up.  Consider it a mindset.  God help the next person that hires me to play triangle... ;)


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