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New video of my band Red Eye Flight


Hey all,

The band I have been with for a little over two years now just recently played at a performing arts center in Rhode Island. We had over 100 tickets sold (@ $15 ea.), and split the profits... 50% to the venue (non-profit, the $$ are rolled back in to the budget to support the venue), 50% split equally between the 5 band members and 3 other performers we had playing on the bill (Including a good friend on keyboards that sat in with us). No one's getting rich for sure, lol! But it was great fun, and a very enjoyable musical experience.

Here are a few videos of originals that our band performed that evening:




Here's a cover of "Creepin' In", performed originally by Nora Jones and Dolly Parton! :

And yet another cover, "I'll Fly Away", with 2 Singer/songwriters joining us who earlier had performed individually, and one of their friends on harmonica:

Here is a link to our website with additional audio tracks:



Hi randtor . I just want to see your videos , but they all are private videos , If you put it here , then why you close public view .

Sorry Sergnov, the videos were old, the post was over a year old, and since then the band took the videos down. I am now playing a full acoustic kit with them, so regrettably I won't have any new posts with the zendrum... unless I get active with another group and can get the zendrum into play again.


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