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Inspector 109:
Cool. I'd like to see your feetzas too so I can figure out your combinations.
Give the drummer some!


Putting together a soundtrack for all to play along with sounds great,  I hope we can get lots of the tribe involved. It would almost be like a meeting of the minds! Can't make it down to Atlanta, this is the next best thing!

Yes, I'd love to see your feetsies as well, lol! I don't use any pedals, I run wireless, but I am not opposed to trying that at some point. I did use a Roland FD-7 kick pedal for one gig, but it just felt awkward. Its funny, but I sometimes have a difficult time translating what I play from the zendrum to my vdrums.  I just purchased new kit a short time ago. I have played zendrum exclusively for 5 years, but now I am picking up the sticks again, and will play both at various gigs, depending on the venue.


I really like that video .  >-D


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