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john emrich:
Greetings Tribe.

I have a clinic coming up at the Clive Davis School for Recording at NYU.  I am going to be using BFD2 and my buddy Matty Amendola was kind enough to put together some tracks that we originally did at an AES show.  I went ahead and put together a quick video of this remote session and you can check it out by clicking on the following link.


I encourage everyone to to start recording videos and posting.  It is a good way for the tribe to gain new ideas!


Pretty cool John!

Just for grins, how would it be if we were able to do a video using Matt's licks, and each zendrummer that wants to, can record their own zendrumming? Might be fun to compare styles, what pads folks are using, different runs we tend to use, etc. We would need a post of Matt only of course. Then for instance, set up a video camera and record our playing with Matt's guitar. Then post!



john emrich:
Nice idea, but not with Matty.  He has his own production company going on and it wouldn't be right for him.  We should come up with our own tune....

Give me a little time to put something together and I will put it up.  We can all play along with the same tune.

Good idea.

Inspector 109:
Are you using your pedals, too?

john emrich:
I use a HAT pedal for variable HH and a FAT pedal for some of the BD.  Both are plugged in to the Zendrum.   ZenEdit allows for individual trigger and CC control which makes setting up a smooth response easy.


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