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john emrich:
Greetings fellow Zendrummers.

I thought that I would take a sec and post about this forum.  This is a great community and we have had a couple of idiots ruin our hang in the recent past.  As a result, Inspector 109 now adds the title of "bouncer" to his position.  No new members will be allowed to just "join" our community.  They will all need to go through David. 

Everyone should take a sec and thank David for this.  He is putting all of the responsibility on his own shoulders.

Bottom line is this..... I encourage everyone to get back into this forum and start talking again.  This is a great resource and it should be supported by our activity.


Well said, let's get some ZenChat going..........

Like John said this is a great community! I have learned a lot from this forum and pressed hard to find a solution to this spam problem. Thank you David for keeping this for us Zendrummers and it is a wealth of information for all of us. So what is going on with your Zendrum setup at this point in time?
right now I still gig with my TD-20. I have Superior, BFD, Battery 3, Ableton that I am trying to get so that I feel comfortable taking it out. I need more practice with it and have not really set up a rack for it. What are you using as far as Audio interfaces and midi interfaces to get the sound out of the computer.  David has brought us the Zendrumdrive  which is one way to do this. I have a macbook pro and have been waiting for MOTU to come out with a Thunderbolt interface which I believe that they are working on. right now I am just going out my headphone port on the computer. Lets hear about your setups Thumper

I haven't posted in a long while.  Thanks David for everything you do.  Without Zendrum, I would be without music.  Take a look at Pettit Brothers on youtube or see our website:  www.pettitbros.com
I've picked up some really good ideas and even made a few friends on the is forum.  Let's keep it going.

Tom Pettit---Greeley CO

I am sooooo excited about Zendrum... all the new advances....the art and joy of playing the Zendrum.... the friendships, really.. everything  about this wonderful instrument.... and also this website. I have learned and continue to learn so much from this forum and appreciate all the contributions made. One thing I ask. Keep feeding this forum with your questions, thoughts and ideas because as good as this journey has been..... this adventure is  just getting started.
Thanks All


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