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IMPORTANT: This Town Ain't Big Enough

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Just adding my huge appreciation to the Tribal members that have contributed to the forum (and of course, to those that have kept it in the condition it has been maintained).  It has been invaluable in my experience of learning to use the Zendrum and associated peripherals.   You really feel part of a clan on here.  Very sorry to hear the news but do appreciate the level of work that goes in to keeping a forum clear of "the nutters" that want to ruin it. 
Thanks again - will migrate over to whatever platform you next use and see you over there.

retro surfer:
Sorry to hear this,  when i first got my Zen I lived on here for a while and it was priceless.   I stopped coming because of the spam and just having moved on i guess but this is a sad day.  Ive always been surprised as I'm a member of at least a half dozen forums non that have any of the the issues you do here ,  Like I said its a sad day and thanks to all the old-timers that helped me get my start with my zen in 2006.  Still playing a maple Zen Laptop model on all my solo acoustic guitar gigs and still get lot's of fun comments about it . 

Good Luck and goodbye all

Retro Surfer


--- Quote from: randtor on March 23, 2012, 10:43:03 AM ---Is there some way to change the platform and thus make it more secure?

--- End quote ---


It got to the point where I was manually approving registrations only after interviewing users.  A few days later, they would use the login to send spam. 

If a human SAYS they are interested in Zendrum and answers questions, and still simply uses their login as a pathway in, there's nothing more to do.

No matter how secure you make something, if someone has the time and desire, they can get around security.

Geo, has anyone written bayesian (or similar) filters for SMF yet?  This is still the standard that most sites use to block offensive (or just plain annoying) content.  Bayesian, along with a captcha to mitigate robo-posts is generally enough to keep the riff-raff at bay.

I have the same version of SMF running on a server here from when I was creating the "share your setup" feature.  If you need me to test out anything my services are yours.


A sad yet understandable state of affairs. 

I remember the move from the old forums to here; the first spam attacks and everything.  It disgusts me that this step has been necessary.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be making this migration with the rest of the Tribe.  Facebook creeps me out and I can't justify it to myself.

I look forward to the day when we can open our doors again to the non-FB crowd; until then--my sincerest best wishes to everyone. 

-Jaay, Tribal Nomad. ;)


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