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IMPORTANT: This Town Ain't Big Enough

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Dear Geo,
First: Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for Zendrum.
Now: I am so sorry about what has happened to these forums. David says that you will probably start archiving threads from the forums to save the information. I have a request: I have only posted here a very few times, nothing noteworthy except for the history of the number of Zendrums in the world. I would like to request to archive these posts/threads:
1) The number of Zendrums in the world (July 2007):
2) Update to the number of Zendrums in the world (November 2010):
Again, thank you for everything you do!

Another thought.... perhaps we can move over to the vdrum forum, and have a separate section there. There are many sections dedicated to specific modules, electronic drums, etc. Can you (Geo) talk with the admin there and see if that is possible? Or, any one of us could probably start a section over there too, and perhaps it would stay as a "sticky" if requested or used often enough.


Admin is Alan at vexpressions.com .

Just a thought.......


Inspector 109:
That's a constructive thought, Rand. Thank you.
*However* I don't think the Roland forum is the place for Zendrummers to take their communications.
It took all of one day after I posted there in response to an ongoing thread about the Zendrumdrive for the professional plants to squelch and smother the positive buzz that user's post had previously generated. I got the impression they didn't want the focus turned elsewhere.
So be it- it's business, and I understand.
Maybe you guys can post there, but I certainly can't get away with it unnoticed.

It's really unfortunate, and really saddening, that this situation has gotten so bad. I remember before I purchased my Zendrum, this forum was an important part of my decision to buy. I spent a long time reading about people's opinions and styles even before I myself joined the forum. I hope that potential new users will still have access to the Zendrum community as a resource for research.

Inspector 109:
New users can have access to the forum, they just can't post EXCEPT through me.
Like momma said: "Be Nice So People Will Like You", otherwise...
"No Soup For YOU."


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