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IMPORTANT: This Town Ain't Big Enough

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Hey all.

It is with a heavy and exhausted heart that Dave and I have agreed to shut down these forums.

All internet communication will be moved over to the Zendrum Corporation page over at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zendrum-Corporation/125010544947

The constant hacking and spam attacks have become too much and we're tired of it.  It's gotten to the point that there are individual humans now picking past security rather than just sending robot attacks and there's no way to set up enough scripts to stop someone who simply lies about their intent to join the forum.  Every few months, we drop new security in place and every few months they find away around it.  More than once the scripts have blocked actual users from joining and that also creates a problem.

Facebook is where its at these days, so we're going to be shutting the doors here and heading there.

New users cannot register at all here from now on.  In a week or so, this page will just send you to Facebook.

If there are specific threads you want archived, or any other comments you have about this change, please feel free to note them below.


 Paul / Geo

A sad day indeed. Sorry it has come to this, but hopefully we'll all meet up again - virtually.
Thanks for all the hard work that has gone into this forum.
Fare well!

I just received the email notification. Candidly, I haven't visited this forum in a long time, but I still play my Zendrum.

I completely understand and sympathize with your decision to close this forum. Spammers and other malicious actors are ruining the Internet. With the proliferation of malfeasance, I wonder whether, in time, it will be possible to conduct any responsible affairs using these technologies.

Hopefully, the FB page will be able to support this community. I look forward to catching up...

Ken Bour
Northern Virginia

When I was first getting started with my Zendrum this forum was an invaluable fount of information.  It would be a shame if it couldn't continue to be available, even in read-only form.
There are threads here that are enormously informational, not to mention historical.  What we need is a preservation society  :D

The end of an era......

Is there some way to change the platform and thus make it more secure?

As I have mentioned a few times, I belong to several forums, and none of them have this kind of an issue with spam.

I will mention this problem to a friend of mine that runs a forum for Triumph cars, he may have some suggestion or way to save this (if in fact you want it to be saved?).

Can't hurt to ask I suppose, but all in all I sure do understand your frustrations. As just a user it became increasingly frustrating, I can't imagine the time and effort you put into this to keep it going... my individual thanks and kudos go out to you.



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