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Question regarding outputting on multiple MIDI channels?

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Hi everyone;
I don't have a Zendrum yet, but I am posting here in hopes that other users may be able to help me come up with a solution.  For the type of stuff that I do live, I need to be able to transmit on at least 5 unique midi channels from the same set-up (as they call it), or "patch", as I'm used to saying.  So, I understand that Zendrum can have/store 1 to 16 user-definable set-ups, or patches ... and from each of these I need EACH TRIGGER to be able to transmit on a unique channel where necessary (i.e. sampler A, sampler B, sampler C, SIMMONS SDE, Roland drum module ... you get it) albeit, some triggers in the same patch will undoubtedly be transmitting to that same device via the same channel number.  It's totally ok for Zendrum to Receive midi on a single channel.

Everyone still with me?

I had assumed the ZENDRUM would be able to do this, no doubt, as my trapKAT can send out independent channel #'s for each pad in a patch, as can my Roland SPD-11.  In fact, the Roland can actually transmit on 2 different channels for each of 8 pads, as each pad has two layers -- A & B -- which can send on different channels.  I am only bringing this up, as having thought the Zendrum could do this, and knowing how much I will spend on my Zendrum, I need to find the least expensive way possible around this obstacle.  In other words, I can't shell out $700 for a MOTU unit or something like that and also buy the Zendrum.  Not all at once, anyway.

So, any and all creative ideas from other Zendrum folks who have dealt with this kind of issue are welcome.  To all who ponder this -- Thank You very much.

p.s. -- has to be a "hardware" solution; I don't use any software platforms in the studio or live.

Thanks and best wishes,


john emrich:
To do what you want correctly with a hardware solution will require that you get a MIDI mapping device, like the Motu. 

Or, you can also set your rig up to receive the same channel for each piece of gear and build your patches to include dead notes.  For example, you want a sound on MIDI note 36 to come from sampler A.  You would take the other modules in your rack and assign silence to note number 36.  This was a common way to set up multi module rack systems befor the invention of MIDI mappers.  It would require you to reprogram your rack.  That might give you the opportunity to fine tune everything.  Things are moving more into the software world and what you are trying to do can still work, but you really need a mapper to maniupulate multiple machines.

Hope this helps,

I go out to multiple boxes using the 'dead note' type thing John is saying.  Never had a problem with it.

Thank you both, gentlemen, for the sound advice.  This advice matched what Dave Haney told me also.  I know I can think this thing through.  I just want to have a solid gameplan before I dump the $1600 ... it needs to do what I need it to do -- plus look outstanding.

John -- I've been watching some of your videos on the Z site, and am enjoying them very much, as well as finding them highly educational!  I think I definitely want a ZLT now ... wasn't sure what it would be like to play/wear, but your video put my anxiety at rest.

Best wishes,


retro surfer:
Several ways to go I selected a MOTU which was only $220 from a store demo which gives eight in and nine outs in a simple pushbutton stile matrix and seems to be rock solid quite a few out there used for whatever reason as another option if you need it.   

I also have the laptop model and find it comfortable and very compact .  I debated which to try for a couple of months but no regrets


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