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Native MIDI support being added (windows)


This. Is. A. Big. Deal.

The latest version now includes baked-in, native MIDI support.  No more fussing around with Java, tray apps or the proxy server.  The MIDI toolbar at the top of the app now lists and connects to any MIDI devices registered within Windows.

These same changes are in the works for MacOS too so don't feel left out.   I just wanted to get the latest test build into Windows users hands as soon as it was available.  Look for a similar update for Mac within the coming weeks.


Inspector 109:
A Major Milestone.
Way to GO!

Just following up on this post...  ZenEdit now has built-in MIDI support for both Mac and Windows.


Avast Thar Matey,

      This be an outstanding effort.  Aye be just about ready to send the jolly Roger Zendrum off to the Inspector for an upgrade, after which Aye be intending to acquire Zenedit, to assist me with programming the new and improved Jolly Roger Zen.  BZ.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


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