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Greetings Tribe!

I'm looking for advice regarding rechargable batteries. 

Right now I have a few different sets that I use with my various gear: some Radio Shack brand AAs, mixed mAH-capacity Duracell AAs, and the Enercell/Radio Shack rechargable 9V.

Frankly... I don't really trust my batteries anymore. I have no idea how long they last in my devices, and no indication as to when they'll putter out on me.  It occurs to me that I don't recall the last time I bought new ones, so maybe it's just that those batteries are old and I've used them up past their functional lifespan.  If that's the case I'll just recycle them and get some new ones.  It's not a major conern of mine at present for much more than my field recorder since I'm motly mains-powering my Zendrum and rig anyway, but I don't like having that gap in my tech.

I'd also like some way to test them--it was recommended to me that I get a multimeter; those passive "battery testers" are pretty well useless in my experience.  Problem is, I'm not sure how to read the multimeter.  I know a 9V doesn't always have to read "9" for it to be useful, but I forget how long I can go before needing to recharge.

The one requirement I have is that I need to be able to use those batteries in the universal charger I have, I'm not getting rid of that.  I remember that Inspector 109 recommended a 9V rechargable but said it came with it's own charger--that puts it out of the running for me.

So, should I just get some new rechargables?  Is there a better brand than Enercell I should be looking at?  Advice welcomed.


I was in the same boat until I started having to rely more and more on my battery powered gear.  I bought an inexpensive ($20) voltmeter to test my batteries, but I found that with 9V batts, anything 8.5V or under was unreliable.  Might get one 45 minute set from a used battery.  I went with the setup recommended by Inspector109: iPower Lithium 500mAh.  I don't know if they'll work in your charger, but for me, the $102. investment pays off in reliability and peace of mind.  No problem running the Zendrum and wireless 4 hours or so on one battery. 

I've had absolutely no trouble at all with using $5-7 off-the-shelf (name brand) rechargeable 9 volts.  I've played numerous 3-4 hour shows with these without any hesitation.  As long as they are fully charged, they easily go the distance.  I do carry a spare alkaline, but have never needed to use it.

Only trouble I had was with the case for an Energizer one being a little too big to fit in the battery door.  They may have changed that design by now though.

The 9V IPOWER lithium batteries now come with 520 mH which will last even longer and I do believe that you need to use the charger that they supply. I bought the 4   9V batteries and charger from IPOWER and always feel confident that I will get thru the gig. I ALWAYS  bring a wired backup just in case Thumper

I want to say that my original IPOWER 9V 500 mH lasted for around 3 years when I stared to not trust them. I continued to use 2 of them "only at home" for practice for maybe another 8 months, I hope that this helps Thumper


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