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Avast Thar Matey,

     Outstanding news on the TD-30.  Have ye fixed the apparent problem with Sysex on the MAC as yet?  Aye be curious as Aye be getting ready to get the Jolly Roger Zen updraded, and this feature will be helpful to this Olde Salt.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Yes, this thread dealt with an earlier build that still used the MIDI Proxy.

The latest version of ZE2 has native MIDI support and works for both PC and Mac.


 When I send changes to my Zendrum using the Sys Ex transmit button I lose notes on my Zendrum. I have to put the notes back on using the cursor and it takes a long time. Also, when I receive SysEx it goes to 99% and says "Complete with errors". I loaded with SysEx librarian and it worked fine.
 I have a ZX 4, Macbook Pro, use a M-Audio Midi Air, BFD2 ran through Garage Band. I am anxious to learn this program better!!

There is a known issue with receiving dumps (Ed) from Mac OS 10.6, and possibly 10.7.
It doesn't appear to be affecting all installations, but when it does it has the same symptoms as you've described.  The progress bar does not make it to 100% and reports "completed with errors".

I am looking into the cause and solution of that one.

As for "losing notes" when transmitting the SysEx, there are no known issues of that happening.  I'm happy to work through this with you to figure out what's happening, but would suggest double-checking that you are doing the edits correctly and that you have mapped out your triggers correctly so that the on-screen ones correspond to the physical ones.
Best way to verify that your triggers are set correctly:

1) Set your Zendrum to User Setup #1 (this assumes you have not modified this setup in any way).
2) Within ZenEdit, switch to User Setup #1.
3) With the MIDI-IN connected, tap each trigger one by one and verify that the correct ones light up in ZenEdit.


Thanks!! I'll try it later today and get back, I'm pretty sure it's "pilot error". Your quick advice is really appreciated Sir!


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