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Pocket Master:
On the first version of Zenedit, when we selected additional triggers, it gave me 6, with the new zenedit, I am only getting 5, of course it shows the two jack inputs on the tail, the sustain switch, and another pentagon looking pad as well, is that the 6th trigger?  Just wondering....I am going down to Atlanta to pick up a new ZX that has all 30 available triggers and was wondering why there isn't a 6th trigger with a circle.....?

Pocket Master

You are correct.  The first of the six available extra triggers is usually used by the 1/4" trigger jack.  David, please correct me in I'm wrong, but I believe what he usually does for 'maxed out' Zendrums is wire that jack in parallel with one of the custom triggers.

The pentagonal pad is an unused control.

The Z4 has 33 addressable inputs.  In a stock configuration, the first 30 are triggers and the rest are change controllers.
#1 through 24 are the physical trigger pads on the face.  
#25 is the trigger jack on the back.  
#26 through 30 are unused.
#31 is the sustain switch.
#32 is unused (the pentagonal one).
#33 is the CC jack on the back.

There are technically an additional 5, but they are used internally to support the scroll buttons and such.  You know what, forget I even mentioned those. ;)

And congratulations on your new Zendrum!  Be sure and post pictures so we can drool over them :)

Pocket Master:
I will post the new pics when I get it.  It is a Zebrawood maxed out on triggers.  Less than two weeks and it will be in my hand rocking out.  I like the Zenedit 2, I have not used it so much on my current ZX, but am going to dig into it when I get my new baby for sure.


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