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Spam has pretty much killed this forum.  >:(

 I have checked 2 to 3 times per week over the past  3 weeks and there is very little activity. Too bad, this has  been a really nice way to meet and greet other zendrummers.
I posted a suggestion a few weeks ago, everyone who wants in to this board should have to register and then needs admin review and approval before they can post. I just recently joined an auto forum and was required to register then waited 3 or 4 days for approval before I was able to post. They have ZERO spam.
Can't that be done here, to try and rescue this forum?   ???
I know nothing about the technical details, but someone here can find out from someone here: http://www.massmotoringclub.com/

I'm just sayin'...........   :-\


I second that. I agree many people might be put off by spam..

Inspector 109:
Isn't it nice not to see the spam notifications every day from idiots with no purpose in life except to ruin our forum?
Now if all YOU WORTHWHILE HUMANS would post again we could keep this knowledge base going without having to move.
Newbies can ask their questions through me and I will be happy to post them up myself.
All you veterans can now post again without reservation.
Screw the terrorists. Be proactive Techno-Tribe!!!

I for one want this forum to stay and whatever it takes Inspector 109 to keep it, I am willing to contribute. Thank you for standing up to the ^$&%%&^

Dave... are we back? Are we Stayin' ? ? ?


"I second that emotion", Thumper! 

I am willing to help out in anyway that I can if you need me. I was so glad to see this message tonight, and to see absolutely NO spam!!
Nice to see that these %$*^&% idiots didn't get there way, and the forum is continuing on.



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