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A quick heads-up that the February edition of digitalDrummer is now live, with the latest e-drum news, profiles and advice.

We’re just back from Los Angeles and the world’s biggest music trade show, and there’s a full report on NAMM 2012 in this issue.

digitalDrummer’s widely respected head-to-head comparisons this month include e-rides, with more than a dozen models put to the test. We also continue our evaluation of mesh heads, with three more thoroughly tested.

In this issue, we interview the original poster boy (literally) for electronic percussion, Bill Bruford, and discover that he hasn’t switched on a drum module since pulling the plug on his Simmons SDX. There's also a tribute to Tom 'The Mayor' Roady, our first cover boy.

Read all this and more in the latest edition of digitalDrummer – and feel free to share the magazine with your friends by simply forwarding this email on.

We're sure there's plenty to keep you informed and entertained in the latest issue.

PS: You'll notice we've dropped our sticks. The logo no longer has drumsticks. this is not just a reflection of my personal playing style (dropping sticks!), but of the range of applications of digital drumming - beyond just hitting heads with sticks.


Inspector 109:
Hey Allan,
Just got a chance to read through the whole issue.
You've come a very long way in a very short time!
Bruford was my primary inspiration when I was a kid.
This looks as good as anybody's layout. You're doing a very good job. Kudos!!!


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