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john emrich:
The DTX700 is a cool little box.  You can't get variable hat unless you use the actual trigger input, but we got along for years without that.

The sounds are fine, but I use mine a little differently.  It has the ability to instal 64MB of sample data.  I was able to get one of my kits down to that size and it plays well.  It is not as cool as using BFD2, but still decent.  I have one for outside gigs.  I play a jazz brunch at a popular place.  We play outside most of the year and they have us under a tree that leaks really sticky sap.  When the tree is leaking bad, Or the rain is coming in I sometimes use the DatX700 with my sample set.


BTW, nice to meet you Allen.

Cool. Looks like I'll have to get back to the store with Zendrum in hand  ;D


Avast Thar Mr. Wizard,

      What be the name of this little jazz breakfast gig ye have?  Aye may be wanting to attend.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

john emrich:
I'll let you know the next time I am set to play.  It is at Ram's Head.



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