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Buying & Updating a 15 year old Zendrum

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         I am considering buying a 15 year old Zendrum. Does anyone have input regarding this idea it terms of electronics updating feasibility, options, costs or any other variables I might want to consider?I may also be interested in learning about other used Zendrums that might be available.

Thanks very much,


Inspector 109:
Any Zendrum can be brought up to current specs. and any/all options are available.
If it has the Datawheel on the top, you're looking at $600 plus shipping both ways.
If it has the four-way cursor in the backplate, the rebuild is $400
Total rebuild prices will increase to $650 and $450 on Feb. 1 2012.
Contact me at info@zendrum.com for specific details.

I took this same path myself.  I originally picked up and old Z3 on eBay, then once the Z4 came out I sent it in for upgrading and customizing.

To tell you the gods honest truth though, when all was said and done I paid roughly the same altogether than I would have just buying a new Z4 outright.   I *love* my Zendrum and wouldn't trade it for the world, but if I had to do it all over again today I probably would just pony up for a new Z4.  You'll get exactly what you want, with all the latest guts and not having to mess around with shipping it back and forth.

Just my two cents.  You mileage may vary of course.

I would opt for a new Zendrum. The experience dealing with the Inspector 109, selecting the wood and finish YOU want makes owning a new Zendrum a great pleasure and you will appreciate the level of care that is unsurpassed anywhere. My humble opinion Thumper

Hey Yogi,
Welcome to the Tribe!
I have to agree, it's really nice to order your own, with everything set up the way you want it... you probably will end up close to or the same amount of dollars spent, but you will have your own individual instrument. I absolutely love my zendrum! Working with The Inspector is going to be one of the best experiences you will have... ever! .... when dealing with a small independent company. Heck Dave has emailed AND called me when I had issues, and is right there to back up his work. 100%.
It's nice to get a less expensive model, but in the end, you will be much happier with the Z4.



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