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Sorry kids, Santa was a day late.   ::)

The public beta for ZenEdit 2 is now available!  Full details here:  http://nebiru.com/zenedit/index.cfm?event=beta

Here's your chance to check out what's new and to kick the tires.  I still have a few a tweaks to make before the final release, but I could also use your help in testing what's already there.


Inspector 109:
Oh BOY, This looks like FUN!
Nice going Darin!

Just downloaded the Zenedit 2.0 program last night, and it is really nice! There are a lot of different options available, and quite a lot more ability to tweak individual pads. The graphics look really nice! I am looking forward to playing with the program and exploring.

I am now really spoiled! I had some issues with my zendrum and getting MIDI OX to send my sysex file to the zendrum properly. I struggled for several hours and finally contacted Darin and Dave aka "The Inspector' ! Together, they were able to go above and beyond the normal 'customer service' help one would expect from small companies, and worked with me diligently over the past week until the issues were resolved. I am now able to upload and download MIDI signals between MIDI OX and my Zendrum with no problems. It is truly astounding the lengths they went to in helping me get everything squared away. I can't say enough about their caring and support. Never mind the bauty of the zendrum itself, and the engineering behind the Z4 and the Zenedit program.

If anyone has ANY hesitation about purchasing a Zendrum, upgrading a Z3 to a Z4, or purchasing the Zenedit program, JUST DO IT !!! You won't believe the differences, it truly is like playing a new instrument. And believe me, you will not get better personal support anywhere, from anyone!

Happy New Year Tribe!


Version 2.0.5 (beta) is now up.  If you've installed the original beta you should be notified of the update when you launch it.

2.0.5 fixes a number of issues people were seeing regarding the main menu, particularly on mac os.



Love the changes in ZE-2 ! It's really great to have such control over all of my triggers, and seeing it graphically with your new window setup is really helpful.

Can you explain the 2 triggers off the zendrum, left and right?
I know the left one is volume control and several other options. Is this the trigger I use to set up my sustain button? If so, when I do that, does it change the setting for my volume dial?
And the right one on zenedit...I have 2 inputs on my zendrum, for (I guess) various pedal options (I have not used them to this point). There is only one input shown in zenedit. Is this the same deal, eg: set one, then change values and set another one, neither affecting the other?

Can you explain the various options and settings, how they are used on the zendrum and how to set them up in zenedit?

Thanks again for all your help. I just don't know how I could set up the zendrum as well, without zenedit!



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