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Our Brother, Tom Roady

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I never met the man, but I've heard nothing but good things about him.

Zendrummer in memoriam.  He will be missed.


Pocket Master:
Tom has introduced so many things to me that are possible with the Zendrum.  I will always be greatful to him for that.  He drove up to St. Louis a few years ago and that is when I met him for the first time.  He came by my house and introduced me to so many more possibilities of electronic drumming that it just blew my mind.  It was Tom that gave me the name of Pocket Master. We just became good friends and any time he was in town or I was passing through Nashville, we would get together and rock out on our Zendrums, and I felt honored when he started asking me how to do some of the things that I was doing on my ZX.  It is indeed a sad day in my home today, he will be missed.

Pocket Master :'(

It saddens me that Tom is no longer with us. He touched so many people in a positive way. We have lost a good friend in the Zendrum world. I know that I will not ever forget his love for Zendrum,music,life. I will try to use that more in my every day life. Thumper

I was very fortunate to meet him during the Atlanta Zendrum gathering several years ago. A great memory was all of us jamming together at my place. He was playing the melodic stuff. The group included Kim, Bob S., Mike Campasa (Thumper) , and Rob Anderson (Pocketmaster), and myself. There is a recording of it around somewhere. It was magical! Tom was a great musician and shared some wonderous stories with us. RIP Tom and thanks for your for inspiration. Mark

That was a great time I would like to hear that recording again it was cool. Lets do it again this year!!!!!!! Thumper


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