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Our Brother, Tom Roady

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Blessed are we of the Internet age, that we can mourn a man we have never met or spoken a word to, yet know so much about them from the light they leave behind.

Rest in peace, Mayor. I didn't know you personally, but from this forum in the year or so I've been reading it, I got a good idea of who you were in life and how you will live on in eternity. The tribe lost a good man.

Avast Thar Mateys,

      Aye was very fortunate enough last year to have met the Mayor in person while I was in Nashville.  We shared a lunch together in a local eatery and talked drumming, music and at the same tyme, resolved all of the world's problems.  He had an amazing sense of humor.  It was a pleasure an honor to meet him.  It is with great sadness that Aye will not be able to see him again when Aye return to Nashville this coming August 2012.  Aye made a new friend that day and he will be sorely missed by this Olde Salt.

    Rest in Peace my friend.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

For those who missed the obituary in teh Feb 2012 digitalDrummer, here's the gist of it....

Roady’s last gig

Tom Roady, digitalDrummer’s first profiled artist, passed away in late November, doing what he loved most – on tour with Ricky Skaggs and his family.
The percussionist died in his sleep on the Skaggs Family Christmas tour bus at Clemson University in South Carolina.
Skaggs was among the first to express his “deepest sympathy to the family at the passing of (a) dear friend and fellow musician”.
Roady was 62 and had been diagnosed with cancer a few weeks earlier, but refused to withdraw from the Skaggs tour.
He told his Facebook friends at the time: “I will be out on tour with (Ricky Skaggs) and the family including the Whites .... I know the power that this family has and they will take care of me out there as well as pray for me every day and night ..”
Roady rejected traditional treatment for his cancer in favour “a different course of treatment: one that has God first in the front of everything ... with prayer, scripture, meditation, etc.”.
He probably wrote his own eulogy on Facebook with the profound message: “The quality of the rest of my life trumps the length of my life”.
Friends say it was fitting that Roady ended his life doing what he loved most, with people who shared his passion for music.
Roady was a multi-award-winning artist whose performances grace over 1,000 records and CDs. He recorded for country acts such as Vince Gill, Brooks & Dunn, Trisha Yearwood, Kenny Rogers, Martina McBride and Randy Travis; R&B singers like Mavis Staples, Wilson Pickett, Millie Jackson, James Brown and Etta James; pop acts like Art Garfunkel, Andy Gibb, Michael McDonald and Donovan and rock acts like Bob Seger and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Roady toured with James Taylor, John Denver, Paul Anka and Ricky Skaggs and spent the last few years recording in his home studio and the studios in Nashville.
A master of all things percussive, Roady also eagerly embraced electronic instruments, and was one of the early adopters of the Zendrum.
He is fondly remembered by Zendrum creator David Haney as “a personal friend, a wise sage and a great musician”.
“I called him ‘The Mayor’ because he was a people person and knew everyone in the music business,” says Haney, who credits Roady with introducing many hand percussionists and drummers to the Zendrum.
“He was the first person to ever create an entire CD of Zendrum music back in the mid-‘90s,” Haney adds, stressing that Roady was “a determined innovator, never afraid to reach for something different”.

Pocket Master:
Had a nice weekend last weekend with Tom's wife Mel, we met up with Tom's mentor and friend Rich Tokatz, and close friend Corky Blake, incredible sax player. Rich basically showed Tom how to play drums and percussion, snuck Tom into the clubs when he was too young to be in the place and let him see how it was done.  We had a small ceremony for Tom just North of Saint Louis, MO, he was born just on the other side of the river in Alton, Illinois, and spread his ashes into the Mississippi river, it is what Tom wanted.  He is still missed and will be for a long time to come.

Pocket Master


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