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Our Brother, Tom Roady

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Inspector 109:
Dear friends,
Tom Roady passed away last night doing what he loved to do most.
He was starting a tour with Ricky Skaggs on the way to the first gig, fell asleep on the bus.
We will all miss him and everything he meant to all of us through the years.
He was family.
Rest In Peace.

I'm at a loss for words.  Going to take some time to process this..

Wow.  That was a LOT shorter than he was reporting his Drs giving him.

He lived large and he lived well.

Hello all,
We are so very sad about Tom's passing.
It turns out that it wasn't actually the cancer that took him:
Here is the Facebook post a little while ago from his wife Melanie:
"My sweet husband, Tom Roady, died last night. He was doing what he loved being on the road with Ricky Scaggs. Tom went to sleep on the tour bus heading to South Carolina and passed peacefully in his sleep. His big beautiful heart gave out in the end, not the cancer."
Nashville and the music world has lost The Mayor.
Rest In Peace, Yer Honor.
Love, Gina

Got to know Tom via email after making contact with David at Zendrum.

Made it to Rancho Roady in Nashville every year between 2000 and 2006, rooming for PASIC shows and buying my Zendrum in 2001.

Funny, generous, talented yet humble guy. My best friend.  8)

Unfortunately I cannot afford to go the funeral service this Sunday from Ireland but the entire Roady and Zendrum clan will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Michael (your brother from another mother)


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