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Exit the soundman, enter the zendrummer....

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Inspector 109:
BTW- the only solution to levelling your kits is to sit in audience position when you edit your TD through THAT PA.
If that means you set it all up somewhere before the next gig, you owe it to yourself to take control from the TD mix. Leave the TD faders alone and change the instrument levels internally and step between the kits you use to listen for symetry of Kicks, etc. A pain, but a necessary evil now that you have full range boxes out front.

I use the same sub -- killer and lightweight.  Together with two 515s I have more sound than I usually need.  The nice thing about the 515s is that that you can have them flat, with a low-pass filter (overlaps the hi-pass one on the sub) or boosted.  This allows me to tweak the bass response for the room.
Those 515s can hold their own too when that bass boost is engaged.  For smaller gigs I can leave the sub at home.


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