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Hey tribe,
As I work to get comfortable with my playing style on the ZX, I've noticed something that is throwing me off a little bit. It seems like there is a tiny bit of lag when playing over wireless. It's minute, probably measured in single-digit millisecond numbers, but noticable; the drum hits come a hair after my finger touches the pad.

Is this something anyone else has noticed? More importantly, those of you that gig with your Zendrums, is this something I should be worried about and go wired when I start playing shows? Could such a tiny difference throw off the rest of the band? Or should I just work on ignoring it, or (harder) adapt to it? It seems like a negligible amount, 1/100th of a second or less, but not having played as part of a band yet, I'm not sure if it's something I should concern myself with.


Pocket Master:
I have not had any issues with a delay, there is one room that I cannot use my wireless because there are so many wireless mics and guitars as well as wi-fi and cordless phones, I think there is an interference and it will occasionally delay, so I wire up just for that room which is no big deal because I stay in the same place there.  How far away are you from the speakers when you notice the delay, the further away you are the more it will sound like a delay but it is really the time the sound has to travel to get to you.  The other thing to consider is if you are behind the mains and are not using a monitor, you could be hearing the delay of the mains bouncing off of the wall and coming back to you, that would really sound off.  If you are wearing headphones and you still notice a delay, there could many things, processor if you are using a computer, RAM, windows versus mac, and so on.  If you give some more detail of the setup when you hear the delay it may help give some insight to the problem.


Hi Rob! I'm noticing it in my little studio area in my apartment. I have a couple of Mackie monitors set up and my kitchen's only maybe 17 feet long or so, so I don't think it's an acoustic thing. I think it's either the MIDIJet or my laptop/audio interface.

I'm running FL Studio 10 with Battery 3 and with Kontakt, but I also pick up on it when I'm practicing with my Roland drum tutor software. My laptop's a core i7 with 8GB DDR3 RAM, and my audio interface is an E-MU 0404 USB (accursed thing that it is).

I have to do some more testing to see what setups I notice the delay in. I have an Alesis D4 to hook into as well and I think once I try that out directly, it will be telling as to where the delay is coming from. Once thing I did notice--and the delay is so small that it could be psychological--but it doesn't seem that I have any lag when running wired.

Pocket Master:
You might want to make sure that you have all of the un-needed background processes turned off, those processes could take up some of the RAM and processor causing a delay, I have noticed that more with the PC based systems than with the MAC.  I am not sure how many MIDI devices you have plugged into your E-MU 0404, but I have found that the more MIDI devices you plug in that there is some latency.  You might want to try getting a M-Audio UNO MIDI to USB cable and try just plugging your Zendrum into it and then into your computer.  See if that fixes the latency, if it doesn't, then my guess would be it has something to do with your processor having too much running in the background which will give you that delay.  Hope this helps.


Thanks for your suggestions Rob. I know there is a little lag time added by the sound card (2-6ms) but I would expect that to occur over wired MIDI as well. I do have a MIDI to USB connector that came with my drum tutor software as well. I'll do some more empirical testing and see what I can figure out.

If it turns out there's no way to eliminate it, is it something to be concerned about when playing with a band? From doing the math, it is probably about a 128th note off from the "true" beat at 120-140bpm which is what most of what I'll be playing is.


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