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Author Topic: Interfacing with receptor  (Read 1046 times)


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Interfacing with receptor
« on: June 08, 2007, 04:49:43 PM »

Hey Y'all,

Just a note on a cool thing that is making my life easier...

The household laptop (laptop computer, silly, not laptop Zendrum!!!) belongs to the wife, so I don't take it on stage (and, I try to travel light!).  I just found out that there IS a wireless mouse/keyboard package available that works with Receptor through its PS2 ports (not USB, which would require installing drivers...which of course is not possible.)  I bring this up because I tried to do this about a year ago and was told it's not possible...wireless stuff generally works with USB, and the Receptor has no method of loading their drivers.

I spent under $30 and got the set, which works like a charm, and bought a used (but perfect) 15" flat-panel LCD on eBay for $60.  So, less than $100 gets me a very portable on-stage workstation without having to fuss with a laptop (and the possibility of damaging a very expensive machine).  On a gig where I don't need the monitor, of course I wouldn't bring it...and the keyboard stays at home.  The monitor fits in a laptop bag with the mouse, and the wireless mouse/kbd receiver lives in the back of the rack.

Changing kits is easy from the front panel, but I often change keys with the transposer to use my Zendrum in a melodic way...which requires the screen and mouse.

In the future, I really hope that Muse will somehow incorporate the use of PC monitors with touch-screen capability into the Receptor.  THAT would rock!  A few hints have been dropped on their forum, so hopefully...

Hope this helps someone!

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