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Thanks Dave,
  I will be calling soon to order. I may also send you my ZX to upgrade. Hopefully in a couple of weeks.
Looking forward to it. Plug it in and play. I don't need drama and confusion I just want to play.

Inspector 109:
Send that cool Custom Shop Zendrum back here. I'd love to see that one again!

Your right it is VERY COOL. So glad I didn't sell it. One of a kind just as you predicted.
I think you will be getting it back to HOT ROD.

Zendrumdrive is fantastic! This is the best gift I could have given to myself, since the Zendrum! I have been working with it for a bit now and have all the drums/percussion setup the way I have dreamed of. This is a mean machine! Kudo's to David and everyone else in on this project. Revolutionary!

Jay M:
Does this system power the Zendrum, or do you still need to use the power brick?



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