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Inspector 109:
We Are Pleased to Announce the ZENDRUMDRIVE for 2012!

ZENDRUMDRIVE is the Supercharged Audio Computer Built for the Real World
Stage or Studio.  Simple, Reliable, Customizable.

Just Plug Up, Turn On, and Play...
Or Expand ZENDRUMDRIVE to Suit Your Specific Needs. 

$1999 Standard
$2199 with Additional 2 TB External Hard Drive

NEW Features Include:
Intel i5 3.1 Ghz Quad Core Processor
8 Gigabyte DDR3 Ram
Super-Rugged/Super-Fast 80 Gigabyte Internal Solid State Hard Drive 
Optional 2 Terabyte External eSata/USB 2.0 Hard Drive (+$200)
Windows 7 64-bit Professional
Will Run Any Windows 7 Compatible Programs (BFD2, Superior, etc...)
Battery 3 Drum Sample Software with Zendrum TRS Drum Library Included
FREE Lifetime Zendrum TRS Sample Library Expansions
Two eSATA Ports for Extra Large Capacity External Hard Drives
Up to 8 Audio Outs for Super-Flexible Routing, Mixing, and Processing

Right on, baby.  Rock and Roll!

Inspector 109:

Here are some easy options for adding external hard drives with large (TB+) capacities.

Zendrumdrive features two eSATA ports on the front patch panel which allow you to safely transport your fragile external hard drive libraries separate from your Zendrumdrive without sacrificing speed of data transfer. Because speed is of the utmost importance when computers are used for musical applications, we recommend purchasing an eSATA external hard drive like this-

 Can the Zendrumdrive also be used with an ekit?

Inspector 109:
MIDI out from your triggering module to MIDI IN of the Zendrumdrive.


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