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2.0 Beta Test


Version 2.0 is now wrapping up.  The application is "code complete" and currently I'm just finishing the help file and polishing bits here and there.

I could use a couple more pairs of eyes to see if I missed anything.  If you are interested in helping to test out 2.0 before it becomes public, then please message me.

Some quick bullets:
1)  You must have an existing license, and the beta will need to be installed on the same machine that you have 1.x on.
2)  I'm looking for people that use the existing version of ZenEdit fairly heavily, and know the basic ins and outs of it.
3)  While 1.x files are compatible with 2.0, anything you save in the new version cannot be used in the old one, so you'll need to be careful backing up your files if you want to go back to 1.x

It's totally ok to have both versions on the same machine, so no worries there.

It'll probably be another week or two before I have a suitable beta version packaged up so there is no huge rush.  Just putting out the feelers right now.



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