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retro surfer:
I am going to purchase a Roland module for use with my Zen "I want the Roland sound and portability) outside of the rack and Motif I am using now (also have alesis DMpro and DM5 I was going to purchase the SPD-20 but several people have said that I should stick with the TD-6v because of ease of use and sound capabilities anyone have a opinion or experience with these modules?  I play mostly Latin and hand drum style kits so far.  I got a very small PMA-5 Roland and like the sound allot which is one of the reasons I going towards a Roland.

ps I finally found a PDF digital copy of the manual for the PMA-5 if anyone is looking for one.

Personally if I had a DMPro/DM5 and a Motif.....buying another module would be a waste of money. Yes portability but having a Module/Merge box etc. safely housed in a 2U rack case in my experience far outweighs having a smaller module but then loose cables/Merge box all over the floor at gigs waiting to get stood on.

If you were thinking of a TD-20 module you may be better off going for the Muse Receptor/BFD route like John Emrich.



--- Quote from: MustangMick on June 05, 2006, 04:21:20 AM ---having a Module/Merge box etc. safely housed in a 2U rack case in my experience far outweighs having a smaller module
--- End quote ---


retro surfer:
very true and made me realize some important pieces of info I accidently left out of my post.  My DMPro is dying at a rapid pace (it's newest trick is the screen is blank 80% I only see the top line of all characters so I get to guess at all settings) it's my second in 18 months but since I have bought second hand Ive been somewhat less than thrilled and out of luck. so I am looking for something newer. the Motif is permanrly mounted in my studio to an electric drum set with all of the cables ets. for a full set and pedals and stuff that go with that so the DM5 is the one I will be replacing and while it has been fine I would like a little more flexibility than it has.

I have multiple modules including the Roland TD-20 , the Roland PMA-5 and a Korg Triton rack mount.  When I was invited spontaneously to play at a small bar right around the corner from me, I found it alot easier to just grab the TD-20 and go.  From a portability standpoint I find the less I have to carry the better and in this case it was just my Zendrum stand (which has the TD-20 mounted on it, my zendrum, the merge brick and a few cables.  I hooked into the house system and we were rockin away in less than 5 minutes.  And I didn't have to lug a rack large or small.  Just my peice of eight worth.  Arrggghhhh!!!!!



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