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Author Topic: vZen for Windows - Beta testers wanted!  (Read 1249 times)


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vZen for Windows - Beta testers wanted!
« on: April 13, 2007, 03:11:02 AM »

Hi folks!

Now I've been playing my Zendrum for some weeks and very early I didn't only want to hear what I play, but also see what I play. Therefor I wrote a little flash application which uses the only FlashMIDI Plug-in I found. It will be installed when the application runs for the first time. Now I've got the problem, that the plug-in crashes when I play too fast. Maybe it is a problem with my interface or midi configuration, but I guess, it is the plug-in itself. Cold you test it on your machines, please? I'm looking forward to any feedback.

This is how vZen looks like now:

The menu, the logos and the mouse pointer hide after some seconds. First you have to hit the programming button to start the programming sequence. vZen shows you a trigger, you have to hit. After that it is switching to the next trigger until you have programmed all of them. Now you can start playing. vZen will visualize your playing. These are the only features, I programmed right now, because the plug-in crashes when I play faster.

You can download the application here: http://www.dellwig.de/ingo/download/vZen-0.1.0-beta.zip Please let me know, if you can crash the plugin, too.

If I can fix this problem, I'll add the following features one by one:
- LT model support
- you will be able to use your own Zendrum photo
- the configuration can be saved
- set a maximum MIDI volume - when you play louder, the triggers will become red
- you will be able to see in several ways, how hard you hit the triggers
- I'll add fullscreen support
- many more - post your ideas and I'll think about them

But first: Tell me if it works on your PC.  ;)

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