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john emrich:
Way to go Geo!  This new site looks great!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :DThis is one of the best forums I've ever seen.

Glad you like it, John.

You don't think I've gone overboard with extra features and cool bits?

john emrich:
I think that all of the cool extras might bring in more people.  Hopefully everyone will appreciate your hard work!

It's great to come home, especially to a clean house.   ;D

ohhhhh ..... the excitment is growing!  ;D  Looking great so far Geo and the new features!!!!  mwahh!  Shabash!!!.  Can't wait for it to all come up and together again.  I must admit I have shunned the discussions since we were forced into Yahoo land.  ::) Too hard to follow everything.  Thanks again for all the effort you put into this.



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