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Sensitivity of smaller triggers in Z4

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Not too sure if similar posts have been make before, I find the smaller triggers are less sensitive than the bigger triggers on my Z4. Basically it requires me more effort to hit the smaller trigger to produce a sound than the bigger ones. It can be reflected quite clearly when I monitor with the force display. However what I notice from other Zendrummer's YouTube video, it seems pretty easy or requires little effort to play the smaller triggers.

Is it user problem or my smaller triggers are less sensitive? How can I Improve it?  ??? ???

Inspector 109:
recalibrate the smaller triggers.
In calibration mode- strike the triggers you wish to raise the response of with a lighter hit.
The Z4 will set the 127 velocity at whatever hardest hit it sees and scale every other strike down from that baseline.
Hope this helps.
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At the risk of over-plugging ZenEdit, I should point out that ZenEdit allows you to set the response curve for each individual trigger, rather than for the whole setup.   One of my triggers is way hotter than the rest and I use this feature to tame it.  You could use this to your advantage too, either by making the smaller ones more sensitive, or by making the larger ones less so.

I'm also having great fun playing around with reducing the upper volume level for some select triggers that I 'comp with, though that feature hasn't been released just yet (!)


Pocket Master:
I have adjusted my sensitivity in the superior drummer software to how I play with each hand.  I have Zenedit and it works great for individual triggers, it is a good investment for the money, and right now it only works with the Z4.  Glad to see you made it on the forum drummingkitten.


Thanks Rob, that's a ringing endorsement if I ever heard one  ;D


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