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Hi. Am I correct in assuming that a Midair wireless midi will not work because the zen drum has no power going to it ?

Inspector 109:
The Zendrum can be retrofitted for a battery compartment, but the Midair has such a short operating range that I wouldn't recommend using it.

Mine works fine and I have had it quite a while. The range is limited but it is so easy to hook up and the cost is minimal compared to other wireless setups.

While the cost of a MIDIJet isn't minimal, I can definitely speak to the ease of use of the solution that the Inspector offers. Plug in the receiver's MIDI, plug in power or insert batteries (which last a LONG time), turn on the Zendrum, and you're ready to go. It almost sounds more simple than a wireless MIDI system that relies on power being sent to the Zendrum, and you don't have anything hanging off the instrument (one of my bandmates has an EWI and has to have his wireless MIDI connected via a cable, which is just more junk to restrict you and get hooked on things up on stage).

Pocket Master:
I had the MIDIJet Pro that I bought as an external and it worked great.  I went for the upgrade and 109 put it in my ZX as well as a battery compartment, it all works off of the same 9 volt battery, and the range is incredible, I have played very large rooms and have had no issues with it.  I would have to say it is worth the money, 2 years + and no problems.  Just my two cents.



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