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Australian Zendrums?

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Hey Bozwiz!

I saw you post this topic in V-Drum land as well.

According to your V-Drums post, you were looking at the Zendrum as a way to expand on your TD-4 module. By the spec sheet on that module, there's no MIDI IN port--you'd have no way for the Zendrum to communicate with the TD-4.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I think if you want the Zendrum you're going to have to invest in another module as well.  Anyone feel free to contradict me if my facts are not in order.


Nope, you're correct.  That's why there is a glaring gap in the supported Roland units with ZenEdit:

No MIDI in == no support   ;D

Cheers for that guys!

I was aware though, that my td4 was no use with the zendrum.  I was lucky enough to have an hour with Allan (digitaldrummer) who showed me the best of the best in terms of VSTs and hardware solutions while i played with his Z4.

Thanks again for the heads up though! Nice to see a community looking out for new members!




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