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Australian Zendrums?

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Hey all,

I'm really keen to get my hands on one of these after many hours of drooling! It seems like a bit of an ordeal to get one down here though! has anyone here ordered one from Australia? And how did the process/cost go? The total cost after gst, duties etc.  seems a bit up there!  Don,t get me wrong! I see the value in these instruments! And I really want one! I would just like to know how its all going to pan out and how much its going to cost!  And I have contacted customs but they wont give me an amount for tax/duty until I submit a declaration.

Cheers guys!


Smooth as silk. Dave was very helpful - and shipping was a breeze. PM me if you want more info.

The biggest problem with Australian Zendrums is that Dave has to build them upside down.

How would Dave deal with a left-handed Australian?

A potential buyer in Melbourne had contacted me looking for someone to show him their Zendrum. Anyone from Melbourne here?


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