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I have no sound module for my zendrum. I sold my electronic kit that had a TD8. No I.m left with nothing.
Has anyone tried the ZENDRUMDRIVE? I am leaning toward going that route instead of another module...
All suggestions and opinions welcomed.

Pocket Master:
I sampled the Zendrum Drive back in January.  It is set up very well.  You can have 8 outs to run to a sound board, basically assign the kick to output 1, snare to 2, and so on.  The guys at Zendrum sampled all of the sounds that are on the drive and I hear through the grapevine there will be more available in the future.  It was very responsive when I played it and there aremany options that you can have customized in the system for what you may want such as hard drive sizes and types, memory and so on.  It would be a solid route to go that Zendrum would support you with.  The other thing with using the Zendrum drive or any other software based platform versus a sound (drum) module from what I have heard ( I was using a Roland TD-6V) is that the sounds in the module do not have as many articulations that are available with the software.  I am sure the more expensive modules will have better sounds, but for me, the software route was night and day difference and there is so much more control over the samples.  The Zendrum drive is using Battery 3 software and I can honestly say that Zendrum would not put the drive on the market if they did not stand behind their product like they have the Zendrum.  If I had to choose between a drum module and the Zendrum Drive, I would go with the Zendrum drive.  Just my opinion.


I have a Zendrumdrrive and have to agree with Rob 100%.  I am definitely no techno-genius so the simplicity of the Zendrumdrive was one big reason why I bought it.  The sounds are as good or better than any sound module I've ever heard.  The expansion capabilities are also a huge plus.  There is also something to be said about picking up the phone and speaking to the folks who actually invented and built the instrument.  All this made the Zendrumdrive a "no brainer" for me.


omg.....I had the opportunity to play the Zendrumdrive for a long session not to long ago. To me it's all about the extreme layering and quality of the drum sounds along with the speed of pad assignements since it's all inclusive. It was all right there in front of me in a single rack. The samples for each drum were recorded in a state of the art studio which has been home to everybody from Springsteen to The Black Crowes. By far the most articulate drum samples and Kit placement I have played yet on my ZenDrum LT (and I have just about everything when it comes to sample libraries)   ;)

Thanks for the input. It certainly made sense to me also that if the Zendrum people put their name on it that they did their homework and did more homework to make sure the quality was as good as the ZX itself. Which we all know is top shelf. I want a unit that is easy to deal with but not limited and it appears this is the ticket.
I will be needing to get together with Dave and configure a unit.
Thanks again for the input.


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