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Wicked buzz from my Powered Mackie Thump 15-A's

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Heh, easy mistake to make.  Any *sane* person would just assume that devices like these that are largely marketed towards live performance would of course have balanced outputs.  It kills me that even their flagship units don't have this feature.  I mean, one could maybe call it a cost saving measure to not balance the outputs on the lower tier products, but considering the cost of the TD-20, it's downright inexcusable.

I guess they either figured these would only ever be used in studios or rehearsal rooms.  Either that or they have so little confidence in their own sounds that they figured most drummers that used them on stage would be using their own samplers.

At any rate, this has been on the top of my TD-30 wishlist for some time now  :)

I just noticed the discussion above regarding using a mono 1/4 mono to XLR cable.  Just so you know, this is actually an unbalanced cable and will defeat the purpose of the DI.

What you want instead is a TRS (1/4 "stereo") to XLR.  TRS and XLR are pretty much interchangeable.   

Sorry that I didn't pick up on that earlier, but hopefully you've gotten it all sorted out.


I t seems that the bottom line is, if you run unbalanced to balanced, you will produce a ground loop hum at some point. I have done a lot of research on this little point lately, by necessity unfortunately.... I still have some degree of hum when using 1/4 to xlr, unlesss I use it the way I had it initially set up, ie: 1/4 mono to high Z- DI box, then Low Z-xlr out to speakers.
I tried a mono 1/4  to the DI, then 1/4 out "thru" to xlr. I tried adaptors, (1/4 to xlr female, with a built in matching transformer, coupled to a male-male adaptor), and every other possible scenario, to no avail. I probably have $60-$70 in adaptors. I still have hum... except when using the setup as mentioned above.
So if I want to run to a mixing board, I will try it thru the xlr plug on the speaker designed for daisy chaining the speakers. That should get me sound to the mixer for FOH speakers, or when recording... I think :-)
This has been a real learning experience! I can't understand why Roland made the main outs 1/4 unbalanced instead of xlr balanced?!?!?! I think they did just about everything else right, but hoo boy, this was a major "wrong".


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