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Videos on youtube from WB_Drumz and Zebrawood ZX4:Updated May 5, 2112

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Check out or new video celebrating Fenway Park's 100 Birthday. Go to youtube and search for "wbdrumz" or click on the link below


and our "Live" Videos from last year:




Nice video looks like y'all have fun, which is what it all about. What module/software are you using?  it sounded good to me also the video came out nice did you use 2 camera's and edit it yourself or did you have someone video it and put it togheter for you? I have been wanting to have a video of my band but have not yet purchased a HD video camera yet, maybe soon. Keep on gigging Thumper

Inspector 109:
Sounds great fellas!

Very nicely done!  Congrats!

Thanks all, for the comments. The primary video was shot with two extremely different cameras, a Zoom Q2 on "my side" and a Sony DV Mini Cam on my Brothers side. I mounted both on tripods. I also used the Sony as a "Center Shot" and handheld "cutaway" camera during our Sound Check, where we performed the same songs. I used Final Cut Pro to edit them all together.

My Zendrum goes into the Rack, and I use a DMPro and older Alesis D4. The DMPro also has a Pop Rock card, and I've tweaked the bass sounds using the buillt in DMPro and Pop Rock card's "bass". Every bass note that is played on the dmpro also triggers variable hi hats on the older D4. The "Bass" is isolated on Aux 3 out of the DMpro, goes into a basic processing pedal (for volume and eq) The Drums are submixed and layered through an Alesis 12 R rack mixer. THAT signal goes to an Edirol DMX16 Digital Mixer (This is a terrific device that sold poorly) This is an Analog\Digital mixer, where the Docking unit is rackmounted, has four MIC in's and the rest line ins. The Digital mixer is connected by a single cable and I am able to record multi track "Live" performances via a usb out to a laptop. I use Reaper to record "Live", and export the files to Sonar at home to mix.

We use a Digitech Vocal Harmonizer, whcih works well if you sing in tune and play the right guitar chord. If you mess up it freaks out on you. Great for doo wop, Beatles and Eagles triad style harmonies. I also have my brother go through an ancient GR30 guitars Synth to fatten up his guitar sounds. So we get a pretty full sound going through two JBL Eon's and a powered 10" Sub. That's about it.



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