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For any of you night owl tribesmen...
Last night, my Z4 ZX worked just fine. Tonight, I picked it up to start practicing with it, and it won't power on off the old battery, off either of two fresh batteries, or wired through the Merge Brick. When I flip the switch, either the screen stays blank, or flashes a "18" or "1F" for half a second, then goes blank and doesn't respond to input.
Any ideas? Only had the thing a couple of months. :\ I really did not expect to be taking advantage of the warranty after such a short time... I'm hoping it's user error...

Pocket Master:
Don't freak out just yet, the Zendrum is a very reliable controller.  I don't know what those codes mean, but rest assured that the inspector will be in touch with you to get this figured out.  Did you try plugging your Zendrum into the merge brick that come with your Zendrum?  You can power up your Zen with the merge brick, if you do that and get the same codes, then there is an issue somewhere.  The inspector will find out and get you back up and zenning again.


Inspector 109:
I've sent you my cell phone number.
Call asap. Likely a very simple issue to fix.

Pocket Master:
Inspector, after you find out what is going on, can you please post it or send me an email with the problem and solution so I can be on the lookout for a potential problem in the future, even a list of the codes would be great.  I am using my ZX more and more and I rarely sit behind the kit anymore and I would hate to show up to a gig and my Zen flashed a 18 or 1F at me and then shut off and I wouldn't know why.



Inspector 109:
It's the beginning of the run generator start up sequence.

Has to be a power issue but it's being shipped here for diagnosis and repair now.

So Rob, when you play a drumkit gig, do you take two sticks and expect not to drop one?
Do not tempt Murphy, he will bite you on your butt.
Have plan B ready at all times.


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