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Learning the Zendrum LT: time frame?

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Given all the prerequisites, excellent sense of rythm, experience with Simmons drums and other gadgetry, (no false modesty here ;) what sort of time frame are we talking about for "mastering" the Zendrum LT?

Pocket Master:
I play a ZX, but I have to honestly tell you the learning curve would be about the same.  It took me 2 weeks to get my patterns down, but even then it was a work in progress.  I have been playing for just over 2 years now and I am still learning and changing things.  I started with a Roland TD-6V drum module, then graduated up to using a MacBook Pro with Superior Drummer 2.0, then went to using Ableton Live with Superior Drummer 2.0.  It is an ever evolving process.  But I am still using the basic setup that I started with 2 years ago.  I have since upgraded to a Z4 chipset and added some pads, not sure you can add more triggers to the LT.  I spent about 5 to 8 hours a night for about 2 weeks and was getting good enough to play in front of people.

Hope this helps,


Have you mastered acoustic kits?

Pocket Master:
I will say that it did help to have my skills on an acoustic kit up to speed.  I guess I forget that part sometimes.  That is what helped me realize that I was ready to play out on my Zendrum, I couldn't tell the difference between playing my kit and playing my ZX.  That could go both ways though now that I think about it, either I was a great acoustic drummer and my ZX playing has matched it, or I am a terrible acoustic player and my ZX playing has matched it........hmmmmmm.  I think I will go with the first.



--- Quote from: Geosphere on April 27, 2011, 11:09:53 AM ---Have you mastered acoustic kits?

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LOL Geo, exactly!  Of course not!  Mastery would be a pretty strong word for ANY skill, especially so for such a varied and complex thing as drumming or Z-drumming. 

I would answer the initial question this way:  If you do indeed have a great sense of rhythm and some experience with e-drumming, you will be able to play passably literally overnight.  Heck, I did my first Zendrum-only gig the very DAY I got my first ZX (but I'm sure glad there's no video of THAT one!  ;))  But that being said, 13 years later, I'm STILL not satisfied with my playing and still looking to improve.  And I guess that's just the way I am- drumset playing included. 

One cool thing about the Zendrum is, there are SO many variables over which you have complete control.  This means that with a logical approach and some technical know-how, the learning curve can be greatly lessened compared to instruments without these unique variabilities.  For example, you can't really change which notes lay where on the piano... but on Zendrum?  You bet.



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