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Those using their Zendrums with laptops/notebook computers, how are you connecting to your amp?PA?
Do you use the headphone out  - and if so, how to you convert the stereo minijack to mono amp inputs?
Do you use an external interface - and if so, which one.
I'd be interested to hear...

My MIDIjet is connected to my Behringer FCB1010, which is passing through the MIDI to an E-MU 0404 USB audio interface, which is connected to my laptop and Battery 3/Kontakt 4. The E-MU is plugged in to a Behringer Eurorack MX802 mixer, and from there into my monitors. When I start performing live it'll be a fairly similar setup. It wouldn't be wise to use the built-in laptop audio... it's just not great quality and there can potentially be noise issues, particularly if the cable gets bumped, yanked, or rotated. Better idea to use more robust connections and a more functional audio interface.

Pocket Master:
I am running out of my MacBook Pro headphone jack with a 1/8" stereo adapter to two 1/4" male connectors (one is left and one is right) into either an amp or directly to the mixing board of the PA.  You can get this cord at your local Guitar Center, Best Buy, and even Radio Shack.  I am using an M-Audio UNO MIDI to USB to connect my Zendrum to the MacBook Pro.  That is really the basic setup.  Hope this helps.


Tom Roady:
3 or 4 years ago I was at Brad Bowden's home, the Toontrack rep that lives here in Nashville..Futureman and Kim Daniel were there also.. we did a little experiment. We ran our audio out by three different methods...Firewire interface, USB interface, and headphone out with the 1/8 mini stereo cable....although no real measuring device was used, Roy was our tester so to speak...with his touch and years of experience we found that he noticed a difference coming out of the headphone ouput....without going through any external interface the zendrum played all sounds slightly faster...I'm sure it is just a couple of miliseconds but none the less...He felt it...so these days that is what I try to do...go directly out of the headphone out and split it left and right into my amp..hope that helps some... the mayor

Avast Thar Mateys,

      Aye use a Presonus USB audio interface. The audio interface has a pair of audio out jacks. When aboard me pyrate ship aye send those audio outs to an Alesis 12R rack mount mixer. If Aye were to play lyve, Aye would take the audio interface outputs and plug them directly into the jacks on the back of me amplifier (a Roland KC-150).

    Aye hope this helps.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


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