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Hey folks, I'm hoping that I can gain some knowledge from more experienced zendrummers out there. I was wondering if anyone has any experience recording the Zendrum into ProTools using the built-in instrument plug-ins? For example, I current have a simple M-Audio Oxygen USB that can play any sound that Pro Tools has built in. What I'm wanting to do is use my Zendrum as my MIDI controller. I'm having trouble figuring out how to make that happen since the Zendrum doesn't have USB.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!!


Sure thing, you just need to pick up a MIDI to USB cable.  These can be found at most music stores, even some computer stores. 
And of course online:

I'd avoid the generic MIDI/USB devices. I went through three different interfaces before I found one that works with the Zendrum (want to buy a generic cable anyone?).  I get great results with the M-Audio MidiSport which is cheap and easy to use.

I'm not sure how Pro Tools works but I also have an Oxygen 49, and it has a MIDI In port on the back. As far as I know, there's nothing stopping you from using the Oxygen as your MIDI In device without needing to buy a separate connector (I did this with a cheapie Alesis drum set I had a while back). Connect your MIDI Out from the Zendrum or MIDIJet into the MIDI In on the Oxygen, and you should be able to select "Oxygen MIDI In" as a device in your Pro Tools MIDI setup.

Tom Roady:
I use an m-Audio UNO which you plug into your USB port on the computer...then the other end has a midi in and out...plug the midi out to the midi out of the Merge Brick...the USB is the equivalent of the midi in....set up your midi track and aux track in Pro Tools...PT should now see your Zendrum as a new midi device and work fine with it.  the mayor


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